NHS Wheelchair Vouchers

NHS Wheelchair vouchers are a great option, when paying for a new wheelchair. Unfortunately there are some drawbacks, firstly it takes ages to get one via your local wheelchair services, secondly they generally do not cover the full cost of a new wheelchair. Unfortunatley not every mobility shop accepts NHS Wheelchair vouchers!

One thought on “NHS Wheelchair Vouchers

  1. dagmar penney says:

    I had my first NHS wheelchair 25 years ago, it was a transit chair and I truly hate it. The NHS wheelchair served a purpose but it wasn’t right for me. Even if I knew that there is such a thing as a self propelled wheelchair, 25 years ago, there was not much of a choice. Thankfully over the years we now have a choice and there is lots of information online or via wheelchair services. The correct information is key, if you buy you first chair, speak to your OT or Doctor. The NHS still provides wheelchair, via wheelchair services and as I said in my last blog they know give you the option of a wheelchair voucher. Wheelchair vouchers are great, but they have there drawbacks. First it takes ages to get one via your local wheelchair services, unfortunatley they normally don’t cover the cost of a new wheelchair. I also fund in the past that not every shop accepts the NHS Wheelchair voucher.

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